Ykee Benda: Breeding a New Ugandan Music Sound | paulothewriter

Ykee Benda: Breeding a New Ugandan Music Sound

My favourite Ugandan rapper is The Mith, my favourite singer is Allan Toniks, my favourite female musician is Lillian Mbabazi, but my favourite Ugandan artiste is Ykee Benda. From a long time ago, I have been that person that hardly cared for Ugandan music that wasn’t Hip Hop. Not that I didn’t support it, but…

Lydia Jazmine: “Drum” Video Review | paulothewriter

Lydia Jazmine: “Drum” Video Review

Lydia Jazmine with “Drum” – the audio, has arguably the best “urban song” from a Ugandan female artist this year. It is uniquely composed, and beautifully sang, – the fruitiness of Lydia’s voice and how modulated it is when she escalates to hit controlled high notes, is magnificent. I first heard it on Sanyu FM,…

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Lagum: “Nuevo” Mixtape Review

“Lagum got the boom and its finna go down…” sung Ivory Namara on “The Storm.” This was the first time I ever heard of Lagum. What did I think? I was quite impressed. He sounded different. He was a breath of fresh urban air. Fast forward to 2017; he recently dropped “Nuevo” a well created,…

Sonny Soweez

Sonny Soweez: ‘Tribulationz’ Review

Produced by Baru, Sonny brings us “Tribulationz” – a song that is guaranteed to give you that motivation to push harder. ‘Tribulationz’ couldn’t have been better timed. It comes at a time when a lot of things seem to be going sideways. Sonny understands that there is a time in one’s life when it seems…


The Mith: ‘First Family’ Review

The Mith following an exciting UG Hip Hop vogue samples and thus features politician Tamale Mirundi on one of his latest singles “First Family.” Words from a speech by Tamale are extracted and employed to serve as the intro and outro to the song. And it goes without saying, those words are obviously comical. This…


Baru: ‘Young King’ Review

Baru is doubtlessly a familiar name if you are a Ugandan urban music fan and if you have the right friends. Otherwise, Baru is another name you and your friends will be reading about here for the first time. But before you leave; allow me to introduce you to Baru; an artistic mind that represents…



Honest Producers / studio owners Most rap careers in Uganda are killed before they even start. Producers take rappers money and either never give them their music or give them shitty quality music. How do I know this? I was a victim, my friends have been victims and we all know a number of such…