To the Littlest Princess in our Castle | paulothewriter

To the Littlest Princess in our Castle

Even though parents hate to, and almost never admit it, well, until at 20 years old your baby sister got a car and you didn’t even get a promise to be bought a helmet; they all have a favourite child. In my family, it’s obviously Maria. Belonging to the “last born” cruise ship, being the…


6th Letter to the Future Mother of My Child

Hello there my pretty woman, I was just wondering; Are We Really Ever Ready For Anything? We study for exams but even as we enter the room, we can’t help but be unsure. We have a lifetime to prepare for death, but on our deathbeds, we are still not ready; for those that get deathbeds.…

STORY: She Saw Me & Dropped the Jerry Cans | paulothewriter

STORY: She Saw Me & Dropped the Jerry Cans

Some areas in my neighborhood have been experiencing a water crisis. This left residents no choice but to go out and fetch from nearby wells, boreholes and underground tanks. How come I was not affected? Well, my landlord is a wise man. Water is collected into tanks before it’s dispatched to our houses. Therefore, whenever…

2018, WE GO BIG OR WE GO BIGGER | paulothewriter


Dear Lord, I cannot ever take it for granted that I am where I am today. 2017 was a very defining year for me. It will probably forever be the year that started everything. With 7 being my lucky number, I believed 2017 was special, I knew 2017 was special. And coming towards the end…

The Big Reveal – "You didn't know, did you?" | paulothewriter

The Big Reveal – “You didn’t know, did you?”

Story by: Ian Paul Byamugisha   The R8 was always somewhat a great conversation starter for him. The Audi wasn’t a usual sight in the city and as a result, people were often curious to know about it. It wasn’t just the hoarse sound from the massive V8 engine through the twin exhaust pipes, besides,…


5th Letter to the Future Mother of My Child

Dear Future Mother of my child, Wherever you are now, you should be winding up, it is almost time. In my last letter I mentioned how you should buy me some more time, I needed to get a few things in order. Well, thank you for your patience, I am half way down that list…


Hey Stranger, It’s Me Again

Ordinary is boring, there is nothing exciting about regular rain pouring. A hailstorm however, that we are interested. A hailstorm of flavoured purple hail! That, we are really interested. You are purple hail, not ordinary at all, and the reason I am really interested. What’s even better, you seem to like some of the things…