To the Littlest Princess in our Castle | paulothewriter

To the Littlest Princess in our Castle

Even though parents hate to, and almost never admit it, well, until at 20 years old your baby sister got a car and you didn’t even get a promise to be bought a helmet; they all have a favourite child. In my family, it’s obviously Maria. Belonging to the “last born” cruise ship, being the…

Ykee Benda: Breeding a New Ugandan Music Sound | paulothewriter

Ykee Benda: Breeding a New Ugandan Music Sound

My favourite Ugandan rapper is The Mith, my favourite singer is Allan Toniks, my favourite female musician is Lillian Mbabazi, but my favourite Ugandan artiste is Ykee Benda. From a long time ago, I have been that person that hardly cared for Ugandan music that wasn’t Hip Hop. Not that I didn’t support it, but…


6th Letter to the Future Mother of My Child

Hello there my pretty woman, I was just wondering; Are We Really Ever Ready For Anything? We study for exams but even as we enter the room, we can’t help but be unsure. We have a lifetime to prepare for death, but on our deathbeds, we are still not ready; for those that get deathbeds.…

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Victoria Café, Kampala Road | paulothewriter

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Victoria Cafe, Kampala Road

By: Ian Paul Byamugisha When you have the sort of friends I have, life has very little serious moments. Which is a good thing, sometimes! We choose to always look at what’s funny in the situation, and, that’s how come all moments spent with them a memorable. It is rare that we meet out for…

I am Too Broke To Fall in Love | paulothewriter

I am too Broke to Fall in Love

First of all, any woman that tells you that she’d choose you any day over another guy that has money, is a witch. It takes an award winning kind of juju for one to be happy in poverty. The sort of juju here is medically and holy spiritually mixed and mastered, to form the sort…

STORY: She Saw Me & Dropped the Jerry Cans | paulothewriter

STORY: She Saw Me & Dropped the Jerry Cans

Some areas in my neighborhood have been experiencing a water crisis. This left residents no choice but to go out and fetch from nearby wells, boreholes and underground tanks. How come I was not affected? Well, my landlord is a wise man. Water is collected into tanks before it’s dispatched to our houses. Therefore, whenever…

January Fever | By @TheCountMarkula

Guest Blog: January Fever

Let’s get straight into it!! We’ve all been hearing this talk about “JanNeverEndinguary” or as some people like to call it, “JanBrokuary”. But, let’s be honest,  is it any different from any other time of the year? I mean, think of it; we all blame it on the fact that we party a whole lot…