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Ian Paul Byamugisha: Novelist / Author / Writer. Poet. Car Journalist.

Uganda, East Africa

Born in 1993 in the semi-urban district of Mbarara; Western Uganda (East Africa), my fate was almost predetermined the moment I could read and write. I started school at 2 years and I didn’t have trouble coping up. I loved to play with pencils and books and I loved it whenever it was story time; – this as told by my mother.

As I grew up, reading and writing became less of a school routine and more of something I genuinely loved and apprehensively looked forward to. Eventually I learned how to read and write on my own and I’d make my own little creations.

At 10 years old, I realized I wasn’t just intrigued by literature, I was good at it. My speeches in school often stood out, my way with words was something that was a description when someone was asked by anyone to tell them who I was. I’ve been writing constantly since. Taking the time to nurture, mentor and grow a God given talent that became a passion and now, a significant part of my who i am. A career and a gateway to the greatness i am preparing to release onto the world.

If I cannot feel it, I cannot write it. Words are the easiest way to express myself. I write from my heart.

Today, I am a Writer / Author / Novelist, Speech writer, Poet, Music and Movie critic and most recently, I am a car journalist. My love for cars, speed, engine noises and car tech got me learning a lot from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Considered the epitome of car journalism, i draw my inspiration from how remarkably they understand cars.

Writing and cars aside, I am adept in Information Technology and for my day time job, i am a tech support engineer for a financial tech firm. One of the largest and very best in Africa with a Global footprint. That would make technology my third love.

As a tech guy, my love for cars is anchored on the technology side of it. Features, gizmos and any advancement in performance, security, safety, entertainment, design and of course science.

On this personal blog you will find a lot of stuff by me: Reviews, poems, articles, quotes, stories, my opinions on things et cetera and I hope as you read them all you might pick a thing or two. You can DM or chat or mail me anytime, am never too busy to reply.


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