Blixxack: Journey to “Open Time” EP Review… part 1

Reviewing music by Blixxack has for a long time been one the hardest things I have tried to do. As a result, I’ve never! I can’t seem to find the perfect unbiased balance between my expectations and what I am hearing. He is someone I’ve known personally and someone I watched start his music journey. An intriguing career that I have quietly followed and outspokenly recommended to everyone I know would appreciate the art in his writing and delivery.

Interesting fact; I have a brief history writing and recording music. As a teenager, I knew rap music was how I wanted to earn my money and how I wanted the world to know me. I started freestyle rapping when I was about 12 years old, and I went through the old school rite of passage with rap battles and rap rivalries with other rappers from my school.

Being the first one among my peers to boldly give music a dedicated try, I put in the work and for the period I run with it, I was pretty impressive. I still have a 5 track mixtape titled “Delayed Arrival” somewhere on the internet. The title comes from how long I thought it took me to finally find a studio and put something down. I always felt it should have come sooner.

Getting the recognition and airplay was a little too strenuous and I frankly wasn’t that willing to beg radio for airplay so I didn’t give recording music that much attention. Occasional shares and tweets from my friends always felt enough for me. I guess I didn’t want it as much as I thought I did. Nonetheless, for the time I gave it a shot, I thought I was good and as good as I needed to be.

The competition at that time, from my school especially, wasn’t that big a challenge. Until Blixxack took a few pages from his summary book and started to write.

Hearing Blixxack rap, sing and write made me realize that as much as I seemingly took music seriously, there were levels to how much talent one could invest. I was “good” because I loved music, I loved to write (I still do) and I loved to create. Blixxack was good because he paid effortless attention to detail when he wrote and this made him instantly standout. He was unlike anything we’d heard before.

He was something special. An icon in the making you could say.

He influenced a phase in our high school rap circles where we actually cared about the lyrical content we put out even in freestyles. He was witty, never took a loss too hard and if he asked for a rematch, it was because he had studied how and why you won, he was ready to undo that. I was lucky to almost never battle him and if we ever did I most definitely lost.

We had a period where we did music at the same time and listening to his creations always felt rewardingly different. He belonged here and he was right within his God-given element. There were a couple of times we featured on the same school “desk production” tracks and we for a moment thought it was another Bow Wow and Kanye West in the making.

Funny story there; when I wrote music, I was largely inspired by Bow Wow and Blixxack was inspired by Kanye West. I had a phase where I labelled everything I owned with “Lil Bow Wow” and for my obsession, my classmates even called me that for a moment. Blixxack actually introduced me to Kanye West and until recently, Kanye West always reminded me of Blixxack. The new Kanye, not so much. I don’t get him. I still get Blixxack.

Eventually, I chose a different path (Author / I.T guy) and Blixxack chose to still do the music. He is probably doing something else other the music but we really haven’t caught up in a while.

Through his past projects, recording at JT’s studio in Bukoto, winning the Klarity Competition, learning the ropes from Enygma, The Mith & Lyrical Proof (I haven’t heard from him in ages, is he still there?) and Guudfellas group with So Severe and Suspekt 92, he was the wonder kid that left everyone that heard his music fascinated.

Even those underground features with other artists, he definitely always had the best verse. His underground music is easily a classic if your measurement is inspired by the right scales.

But even before all of that, when we used to rap in High school, there was a moment where I was debatably the best. When he joined the scene, he was instantly the one you wanted to listen to. He had swag, confidence and pride that he delivered his freestyles with that was just a breath of fresh air. He became everyone’s favourite and even with the rivalry at a point, deep down I knew there was something special about what he did.

All these years later and reviewing his music has always been a little too challenging for me. I write the reviews and they sit in my drafts until they are no longer relevant. Well, until now…

a little more history in part 2

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