Good Evening Jesus, I Need a Woman That Can Rock a Black Dress.

Before we get into my humble prayer Lord Jesus, allow me to be clear on my request. The focus is on the Black dress my king, as I shall try to tell you below in precise articulation. 

Thank you for this gift of words by the way, I managed to deliberately avoid the truth as I explained why I missed a friend’s birthday party. The truth would have gotten me evicted from this friendship but you had my back, I appreciate that.

Also, don’t go on and make me fall in love with the next woman I see rocking a black dress tomorrow. I kinda didn’t plan to fall in love. My to-do list for tomorrow is sort of already maxed out.

Let’s do Friday night next week. I’ll be out with the crew. You can swing a booty in a black dress my way. That was supposed to be “beauty” but since it’s “do not delete a word Saturday” today, I guess both requests stand my lord.

Wait! Next Friday night is not okay. Am sleeping at my parents’ house. Let’s do Friday the next week. I wouldn’t want to meet her and not have her come home with me to see my iron man painting. They never believe me when I talk about it. They often think am just making conversation but really, I have it. Ingrid made it.

Back to that black dress. Actually, before that. Did I tell you that I asked Ingrid to remake the Iron Man painting and this time not on left over canvas? It’s been almost a year and I don’t even have an excuse from her? I even plan to pay this time, and still, nothing.

Speaking of pay, that NTV job. What’s happening? Anticipation is killing me. Oops! I shouldn’t be making death references. Given the divine sacrifice on Good Friday. My bad.

Yesterday was another Good Friday – not religiously though. We went out with the team from work. The fellows joined us, we just drunk, ate and chatted. The females in my circle are always too busy or have no transport whenever we go out (he he… I know I’ll pay for this statement.) I might need a new female circle as it’s always almost a boy’s night out except for that one female that listens to bad advice and joins us.

Alrighty then, since you can’t rightfully give an opinion on this, I’ll speak from my perspective. If I was to buy a dress and surprise my lady by leaving it; let’s say on her bed with a note and instructions that began with “wear this,” my choice of color would probably be red. At least it was.

Earlier this week on a stroll from a client’s office for a meeting that didn’t happen, I bumped into a “good lord what is this” woman. That’s for the black dress on her. For her, I don’t know why you’d let this angel stroll these dusty Kampala streets on a hot Thursday afternoon, but am glad you did. Behold, she was magnificent.

This Kampala heat though! Are you giving some government officials are trailer of what HELL will feel like? I see what you are doing there. I could make a list for you you know! I was once a class monitor, wrote a lot of noisemakers in my time. So basically I have experience at making lists of naughty people.

Where was I going with this conversation anyway!? Mm… right! Black dress. Blah blah blah… I forgot the details, Blah blah blah… Sorry! Something about her being able to rock black dress. I don’t remember. You know what Jesus, just give me a woman that can rock a black dress, I’ll figure out where I was going with this once she’s here.



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