4th Letter to the Future Mother of My Child

Dear Future Mother of my child,

We haven’t talked in a while; how are you doing my love? I still don’t understand this silent treatment thing even before we meet and I do something wrong. Like leaving the toilet seat up and you don’t speak to me for hours until your Audi fails to start and you need me to help (Upside down smiley face emoji) Anyhow… Today’s letter is all about you. I have a story for you;

On my way from work yesterday, there was a woman in the same taxi I was in, feeding her baby with what looked like ice cream or yoghurt. At first, I paid her no mind, the baby caught my attention more – obviously!

Then suddenly she stole all of my attention. She did it in the most unintended but most enchanting way, EVER! I watched her, and how much she sincerely cared for the baby, how she shaded his little head from every bump, how frustrated she was for the baby each time the careless driver braked suddenly, how completely irritated she was that they were in a taxi and her baby had to endure this level of discomfort, but still managing to momentarily forget all that and spare time to check and make sure the baby was okay, make him laugh and cover him up when an idiot opened a window on the other side of the taxi; and it was all just divine.  The innocent gift of motherhood, in all its natural, magnificent glory. Motherhood unadulterated.

Can your mortal mind begin to perceive how deep a love must be to be seen from mere actions? I know, actions speak louder than words, but this is action that’s not seeking recognition or a reward. Her selfless love and care was evident from her actions and for a moment, I envied whomever the baby daddy might be. To be so blessed with a woman who loves and adores your child, that strangers can see how lucky you truly are. It is natural for a mother to love her child, but we must admit not all women get this right. She had this admirable obsession with her child and it was all too clear and it was beautiful.

And this got me thinking; I will undoubtedly be a good father. I know we stray along the way on every path, but being a good father to my kids (oh! by the way, they will be 2, not one. Someone finally convinced me)… being a good father to my children is something I BEG God for.  God has made me imperfect in a lot of ways, HE cannot take this away from me too. I pray for this, I beg for this. It’s the single one thing I want to get absolutely right at every level, every step of my children’s journey. I don’t expect to ever be perfect, but I refuse to be an average father.

But do you know what is even greater than being the super dad I’ll be? That woman in the taxi; a super mum. A woman who will adore my children and put them first no matter what. A mother who will protect them from any danger the best way she can, one who will raise them to become confident, independent, God-fearing and equip them with the right amount of love to go out there and make remarkable differences in the world. A mother that will worship her children, put everything on the line for the sake of their futures, one that will selflessly love them like the image I saw in this woman yesterday…

Be that to them, give that to ‘us’ and I will give you the world. Literally. Love, you can have all of it. Respect, how do you want us to measure it, I’ll give you the heaviest… I might get on your nerves sometimes, I pledge to get on all of them since am giving my all (I joke) – but am I? Maybe I am, but what am saying is, I know you’ll be a great woman, but if you are a great mother I’ll go above and beyond to make you as comfortable as you’ll desire.

Whatever you want! If it’s a place, spin the globe and touch it, if it’s a house, pick a place and show me, if it’s a car, choose the logo and I’ll work harder for it. Because you know why! My children will be my greatest creation, my family will be my world and you, my most precious will be the creator of my world, the first chapter of a story I plan to write so well, the crown on my head, the queen in my castle, the reason I’ll go to work late and come back early (just to look at your pretty face)… and if you so love the children, that you’ll give yourself to them unconditionally, I will… I guess we’ll have to wait and see! I can’t put it in words.

Although please, please!!! Don’t show up now, am still extremely broke! Waste his time a little longer, buy me some more time. Next year is fine. However if you choose to ignore all this and you come now, I hope it’s okay that you’ll have to dip your hand in the toilet tank to flush. I haven’t gotten round to getting a plumber to fix the flush handle.

Your loving husband




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