Take a Minute To Read This, Please!

I promised myself to write an article every night this week, and after a hard week my mind is not as creative. However, thinking back to a lot of things, one of the things I am most grateful for is you; my lovely readers. 

Thank you for letting me share with you, thank you for reading and most importantly thank you for inspiring me to keep getting better. 

This week I learnt a very common lesson that you have to go through to understand. You lose some, you win some. Through this I’ve learnt that no matter what you do, as long as you did the right thing, you don’t owe anyone that’s offended an apology. Integrity and reputation must be guarded at all costs. 

It’s always God’s plan (or a higher power), there isnt anything they can ever do about it. You win by a year, a month, an hour, half a milisecond… You still won! Be true to yourself, be faithful to the cause and always take full responsibility for your actions and the consequences that come with them. 

Otherwise, it’s Friday night, I hope the music is good. 


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