As I Stand By the Bar Tonight

A glass in the air for the lovers we’ve lost,
A toast to the memories we’ll treasure the most.
A sip for never going back to my old ways,
But f**k it, let’s take one last shot for the old days.

The night is still young and we are only getting older
With these half naked girls, these women are only getting bolder.
Spending this hard earned money on these pretty girls with soft bodies,
They are only here dancing with us because we came in a Mercedes
So they think we are somebodies.

Their outfits have you looking at the whole thing
But she will get offended when you approach her only after one thing.
Shouts out to all the shy girls trying to fit in,
I see you looking super uncomfortable in that
Skimpy outfit you almost couldn’t fit in.

Am sorry for over analyzing, am not here to judge,
Can I buy you a drink? Bar tender you’re the man in charge!
Drinks for the brown pretty girl and her friends standing by the corner.
Who whispered a thank you and said her name was Rhona
Gave me her phone number and asked me to later phone her.

Sure! But I probably won’t be calling,
Am thinking straight; but was it something I said that got her falling.
Whatever it is, not tonight honey. Drinking to forget that’s my only aim
I got 99 problems, you won’t be one of them.

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