Thank You for Always Getting the Uber

What’s going out without the comfort of riding an Uber up to your bedroom door at the end of the night? I can tell you what it isn’t, it isn’t comfortable. And it certainly isn’t a way to get her to come home with you.

A luxury we often take for granted because with Uber we have since returned the borrowed Cars from our parents. We can go out and drink more than the legal driving limit because a sober driver will get you home safely. Of course am speaking for everyone else, [just in case one of my parents is reading this], for me Uber is about making sure she gets back home in ‘teeth chattering’ AC and Sanyu FM. The AC usually that cold for obvious warmth generating intentions.

If you have / had a lady like mine you know what it means to plan for Uber and have her race for her purse when the driver makes that 8th last corner to the house. The first time she did it I was left drenched in complete pride. The security in the feeling of knowing that my baby has got this, felt more assuring than Golola Moses carrying Chandiru’s handbag as her body guard; – remember that time!

Her getting the Uber bill nearly each time even when she knows I can afford it 4 times over! 4? Okay, 3 times. 3? Maybe 2! Really! Damn it, I can afford the bill whenever and even not ask for my bitano change. Look! What am saying is; her getting the Uber bill nearly each time even when she knows I could have had it without a sweat says a lot about the woman you are with.

Thanks to the waiter always placing the folder with the bill in front of me after dinner, I always win the race for that money. I bet you are now wondering how rich we must be! Racing for money… you guyyyyysss!? Well, not to brag but you’ll be amazed at what lifestyle you can afford if you are young, ‘stupid’, in love and employed.

The feeling is interestingly satisfying. It is our sole responsibility to pamper and take care of our girls, but when she steps up and helps without you asking or needing her to, it is a special moment my friend. We, [am trying to make it a group thing here. Don’t want to seem like the only douchebag that doesn’t / didn’t thank my lady,]… we don’t say thank you enough for these small but significant gestures, but we notice and appreciate them.

If she does it often especially like with the Uber, unintentionally it signifies that she acknowledges that she’s home. And you know what they say about home? Home is where the heart is. 

So… thank you for always getting the Uber, I’ll take it from here. Not the bill silly! I mean our next Uber that you’ll pay for.


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