July Rains: July In My Mind 

July Rains; July is here

The worst part about July is probably the rains. The rains mean the days are cold and comfy, whereas the nights are cold and lonely. I must admit July has got me missing being with someone. Not that the feeling is persistent; I see an ex beaming somewhere, but when the tea is no longer warm enough, and I get into my cold silk sheets, that feeling comes running back.

The best part about July; my mother is right. I probably need to date now. She worries that I spend too much on food and yet ‘we’ could be cooking. Mother raises a valid point, I spend more on food than on rent and transport. Although mother could be wrong, I actually can cook, but between my PlayStation and gigabytes of unwatched movies and series, I don’t really see how cooking could fit.

Spiderman: Homecoming is in theatre and I still can’t find a girl or woman that’s a fanatic. One that will sit through a weekend of the Marvel cinematic experience since Robert Downey Jr’s “Iron Man” to “Galaxy of the Guardians Vol 2.” Then we can end on a climax [not sensual climax. At least not that I can confirm nor deny it in front of you who’s reading this,]… end on a climax as we hold hands and walk into a cinema to watch Tom Holland web ‘em up.

Do couples still hold hands in public? I hardly see that these days. Am not sure if it’s because am too busy avoiding noticing romance or relationships have become a hardcore affair ever since hearts started breaking more than glass at a bar fight.

And is it too much to ask if I want a girl that maybe drinks a little. I drink a little sometimes and I’d want to know she’ll appreciate a good bottle of Scotch on a Friday night when we get home from work. Whatever happens when the bottle is half empty or half full is between the sheets.

I have been thinking of getting all white sheets. I have actually been thinking of an all-white bedroom, not in this life time though. Am still in the basement at the bottom to be thinking of this level of fancy. This could be an idea for when that Huffington Post job miracle finally happens. I might have to move to Europe.

Would I date a white girl? If she loves Iron Man and drinks a little, maybe. And the product from the exploration between the white sheets would be gorgeous. And they love to hold hands in public, let’s see how busy I’ll be to notice my own romance. July rains! Who needs you when we can play in the snow? And the snow favors my love for warm tea and as we cozy up we could order in; cooking is for summer.

But then again, I love my women thick with a lot of ass. The type of body Desire Luzinda has. A lady in heels on the street, and she can keep them on at home when we freak. A little on the edge with her fashion, but knows when to let her elegance be the topic.

I’d love all that of course, but I go for character; for me. For the babies; hmm! Well my mother seems to think am devilishly handsome along with nobody else so, for the babies, it’s pretty much obvious you absolutely cannot count on me. I give it all up to you. For the babies, I like my woman and I described as “beauty and the beast.”

That goes for our cars too; you can have whatever oversized luxurious German SUV you’ll fancy, I’ll take the gentle Italian sports car. I’ll have the beauty, you’ll have the beast. Not so bad trading places after all, is it?

Mmm… all this because July is here, and this old mattress is about to hold new memories. Remind me to get my cinnamon cream duvet dry cleaned, it’s her favorite color.


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