08 Women May: Sorry I forgot your birthday

I wanted to lie and blame it on work, but I’ll come out clean. It was a regular day at work. Had my morning coffee a little earlier than usual. I guess it’s because I forgot to check my Facebook that day, otherwise I’d have seen the notification.

I sat at my desk for the better half of the morning. Only stepping out at 11:00 for a presentation. It went great, we nailed it. They loved the new enhancements to the APP. On my way from the presentation, I had a chat with a friend about this BMW am planning to buy from a friend’s cousin. She thought I was being ridiculous and I should start small. Maybe a Toyota. But nah, it’s got to be German.

During my lunch break, the fellows and I talked about how tough it is to date these days. Everyone is chasing their own agenda in relationships. In unison we agreed that women have turned the dating game into some sort of a vengeance avenue. The genuine ones often get their hearts broken. We didn’t realize the women on the next table had picked up the conversation and they were discussing men and their ‘dog’ ways.

My boss called me about an assignment that had been long forgotten, I added it on my to do list. We had the silliest argument about Drake and Kendrick Lamar with the fellows in the group chat. I lost, these Kendrick fanatics are tough to beat. I still haven’t listened to Kendrick Lamar’s album, what a shame!

On my way home, I gave a street kid leftovers from my breakfast snack. I almost tossed it in the garbage on my way out of the office, but then I remembered an old man’s speech about the hunger in Kitgum.

I texted my sisters and we laughed about a couple of family sagas that are yet to unfold. Mum joined WhatsApp, finally. But she’s not active. Dad got her a new phone and I think she’s still getting the hang of it.

The taxi ride home was quick and smooth. Save for the noisy radio with politicians debating the recent obscene hike in sugar prices. I thought the argument was fair, I haven’t bought sugar since the prices sky rocketed. I tend to horde supplies so am still sorted for the next couple of months.

I picked up a Rolex on my way to the house. Got into the house and turned on the fan to cool the stuffy house. I opened the living room window as well. I sat down to watch Kiefer Sutherland’s “Designated Survivor” till I drifted off and slept in the couch.

So am remembering about your birthday now and feeling all kinds of guilty. But you are welcome, I trust your sister has delivered your present by now. I am looking forward to teaching you how to use it this weekend. Oh, by the way, I saw the Instagram quote, we need to discuss that too.

“Peach.” Peach is your favorite color; that, I did not forget.


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