07 Women May: Choose Your Battle

I am reading a book titled “Don’t Marry” by James W Donovan and it’s been an interesting revelation. First of all, my male friends think am going through a crisis. What’s with all this women stuff and marriage and relationships and relationship help books? I try to play it off by insulting them and threatening to troll them online.

The truth is, I am not going through a crisis – I hope. The way you read a manual when you buy a new piece of tech to enlighten yourself, I am doing the same. The secrets, knowledge, and wisdom hidden in book pages are phenomenal.

In one of the chapters of “Don’t Marry” they mention how you cannot have everything in a partner. If you choose looks and beauty, chances are you will not get the best of characters. If you choose characters, the reverse is true. Although there are special cases where you get the “miracle” package and the one you choose has both. That has happened, NEVER! There is always a struggle, however, slight or tolerable.

Essentially what this book says is, prioritize what’s important to you and choose that but be sure you can handle what the person lacks. Be sure you can deal with their below average character or their unpleasant looks. Average looks are often compensated by great personalities and average personalities by great looks. However, if you were born at sunset while your mother rode on a pink unicorn, you might get lucky and find a perfect being.

But again, you could hit the jackpot and get someone that strikes the perfect balance between the two.

So what battle would I pick? It’s a tough call but I go with character any day.

But wait! And risk having ugly babies? You love babies!

Yes, and risk having ugly babies – (fingers crossed behind my back)

On the real though, character will take you where beauty won’t. A great personality is more appealing and unlike beauty that fades with time and age, a great personality can last a lifetime. Beauty can take you where character won’t but you’d have to be a billboard model or extremely generous with the goodies in exchange for what you desire.

The bottom line, get your priorities dead on right but prepare for the battle. In my opinion, character is what’s important. Some of the most desirable girls and women I’ve met are no pageant winners or runner ups or contestants for that matter. Wait! They are not even cousins or neighbors to pageant winners. They are far from that, but their hearts of gold, their saintly ways, and refined manners make them some of the most beautiful people to ever walk this earth.


3 thoughts on “07 Women May: Choose Your Battle

  1. Staking on thin ice dear. I hope you know how to survive ice cold water. I say this because while you have picked character over “beauty” you have not put it in a flattering light. Your lady with character will need to know you see her as the pageant winner. Or whatever it is you are attracted to. After all insecurity in a woman is hard on her man but harder on the woman.. also having the complete outdoor package is relative. And a combo of looking good and being good is achievable. It depends on what you look for. I know when me and my girl be looking at those Holywood boys, we almost never pick the same people. And I know I feel nothing until they have done some acting. So character is context. It’s the how, looks are the why. It’s one big coin.

    Have a little faith and put character under the beauty umbrella too, and call the other on good looks. We never really have a say in how we look.

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    • I must say this give me a whole new perspective towards the situation. Am here wishing i could rewrite the entire article. This line in particular “And a combo of looking good and being good is achievable.” The reality in this goal is all too real. On a personal level, this brings new hope for me as a man that desires adorable babies more than anything. I sure am not going to bet that on me, so the torch is passed on to their mama. If she can look good and together we can achieve ‘being good’ to a standard that makes her a better person, then am happy to take that path. And for everyone else, the battle still stands because we have to agree that both situations can have extremes whether the other individual lacks i.e. pretty woman with no character at all, so it all still narrows down to how bad it can get and which battle one is willing to choose. As a whole, thanks, this is an eye opener.


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