06 Woman May: I’ll Fix You with My Love

Lady Gaga’s “Cure” is currently my favorite song in the world. Particularly the line that says, “If I can’t find the cure, I’ll fix you with my love.”

There are 3 things I am unintentionally good at when it comes to women; confusion, making mistakes (and learning from them) and loving as right as love can be. I can hear some exes protesting this, and I’d understand because of the mistakes and confusion. Looking past that, we can agree that my love was never subject to interrogation.

“If I can’t find the cure, I’ll fix you with my love.” There is something about loving someone right or getting loved right. Look at it this way; before you meet someone, you have a load of personal things that are not going right. When you start sharing a life with that someone, your problems do not disappear. Instead what happens here is you are two souls with personal things that are not going right sharing a life now. Double the issues or half the issues, depending on how your relationship is set up.

Admittedly, being with someone helps because it prevents that loneliness that builds into depression. An idle mind often wanders to everything that’s not right in your life. Finding a cure to these things can be a lifelong mission that many people die without ever achieving.

I’d like to think that I am one of those, “If I can’t find the cure, I’ll fix you with my love.” One of the goals, when I am with someone is to make them feel as loved as they’ll ever feel. Not all goals are achieved and many times I have appallingly failed at this. What fails me is not lack of willpower to love, no! I love ‘love.’ It’s one of those things I am particularly a perfectionist about. Love & sex are two things that must be done right. What fails me is human nature.

With this therapeutic series #WomenMay, I now understand a lot of these things better, viewing my love life and situations from a completely unbiased third person point of view.

You might be carrying the burdens of your clan on your shoulders, but when you are with me I try to make you forget about all that. I know you come with your problems, hell I got mine too. I am not perfect, expect me to f**k up a lot of times, but it’s all a learning curve. There are things to be fixed. Just because you have walked since you were 15 months old still doesn’t make you an expert. You still trip, you still stumble, and you even fall sometimes.

What I try to do is help you with the problems you let me in on but where I can’t find a cure, I fix you with my love.

Hold up! How can you fix someone with your love?

The level of comfort that comes with hope, support, encouragement and genuine belief from someone that loves you can fix you in so many ways. We have to realize that most of our personal problems are psychological. State of mind. Peace of mind. Your whole world is created from how you view your life in your mind.

Love, the greatest, most intimate and most important human emotion can fix just about anything.

When we get into relationships, most times it’s about us. What we want, who we want and how we want to be treated or how we want to feel in the relationship. Naturally, we are drawn to people that can fix a missing part of our life. That’s why people marry for money, people marry for status, reputation etc.…

“If I can’t find the cure, I’ll fix you with my love” this is a simple honest promise that means worth more than we can ever realize. When you genuinely think about it and the depth of what it actually means, it is the most comforting statement that can ever come from someone that loves you.

You will always be a walking sack of problems just trying to find a cure. Finding someone that understands that, accepts that and offers you the ‘love’ you need on that journey is finding a cure in itself. ‘Peace of mind’ brings clarity to the mind, clarity in judgment, strength in character and those are some of the most essential ingredients a resilient human being needs as we all try to find cures to our problems.


One thought on “06 Woman May: I’ll Fix You with My Love

  1. There is a situation in there that Sarah Scribbles illustrators humoursly but most assuredly in this link https://tapas.io/series/Doodle-Time/ep300

    It’s an interesting promise.. I guess the qn is how do you know if a problem for fixing, vs a problem to embrace.. when does fixing stop looking like trying to change someone. I guess, when you are in a -ship the communication really has to flow. I don’t like that.. ‘you should have know type silent depression’

    Also loving the theme..

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