05 Women May: Prettiest Woman I Ever Saw

I walked into the office building this morning feeling rather optimistic about the day. Despite sleeping really late, struggling to wake up after snoozing my alarm a record 5 times, I was feeling ready for the day.

Half way into the lobby face buried into my BlackBerry, I look up to see where am going and there she was!

Have you ever met someone that completely blows every corner of your mind? Not with their intellect or conversation but with just how perfectly created they are.

She was walking in front of me and her perfect pair of legs carried a perfect body. The way she walked in those purple suede shoes seemed like – oh! Shit, that’s the right way to walk. Women have been doing it wrong all these years.

I paced faster to see if her perfect legs and body had a perfect face too. Before I could catch up with her, she got to the elevator. As she stood to wait, she turned and looked my way. And there it was!

Her face! Her color! Her eyes! Her smile! Her hair! – Magnificence I didn’t think existed. She was perfect. She was, with little or no exaggeration the prettiest woman I’ve ever met. And I have met Flavia Tumusiime.

She had that flawless natural glow about her. She looked like what Angels call an Angel. She was perfect. I’ve met a lot of pretty women, dated some (smirk face emoji) but she was in a league, that’s in a league of its own.

When the elevator finally opened, we stepped in and rode in silence up to when she got out. Now, this is when I realized, that I had been profoundly intimidated by how perfect she was. The silence. I am not shy, well, most of the time and I always say something to a pretty woman. With her, I had nothing to say. I wasn’t sure if “Good morning” was appropriate for that amount of pretty.

I’ve found myself unintentionally thinking about the whole incident and I realized nothing. She’s so beautiful there is nothing to think about it. It’s just the way she is – the prettiest woman I ever saw.


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