03 Women May: About Our Date this Weekend

We are going on a date this weekend. What should you wear? Something comfortable. To be honest, I don’t really care, as long as you are there.

I called the restaurant the other day and made reservations. Why so early? I want it to be perfect for you. For me, it’ll be perfect. A beautiful you blushing under the dim fancy lights, my favorite restaurant; that’s the kind of perfect I am defining.

I plan to dress up, to clean up nice. Oh yeah! I might be on my Justin Timberlake that evening, a suit and tie. I don’t know why am excited about that, I can’t stop the feeling. You could bring one of your sexy short dresses out too you know!

Besides your obviously stunning beauty, that well-endowed Eastern Ugandan body deserves to be worshiped when I come to get the door for you as I pick you up. What a gentleman? Sometimes, yes I can be. A lady on the streets needs a gentleman by her side, I’ll be yours tonight.

I am not taking you out to celebrate anything, we are just going out. I want to hear about your week, tell me about work. In the middle of the ranting about how your boss did something unreasonable, I’ll interrupt you just to tell you how beautiful you look tonight. You’ll shyly laugh it off and continue with the ranting, but I won’t let you.

I’ll tell you how I was watching you at the house as you walked towards ‘a waiting me’ by the car. And that wobble I noticed when your heel got caught in the grass and you almost fell. I nervously pretended not to look, wishing I could freeze time and catch you before you land. But you had it, controlled that fall like the pro you can be sometimes.

Tell me about your mother. How is she? Did she ever get over her fear of you coming home late? The last time this came up she had issued military grade guidelines on coming late. Which reminds me, your brother, it was nice of him to buy your mother a new car. I noticed she no longer hangs the learners’ sign…

That’s all I want that night. A conversation about you, tell me everything, let’s catch up. Did that bitch from work finally accept that it’s your hard work that earned you that promotion? Or she still thinks you are sleeping with the boss, who is female! That bitch is crazy.

In the middle of all the gossiping, the lights will go out. When the restaurant staff lights candles, you’ll get suspicious wondering if am being romantic or if I intend to propose. Not today sweetheart, that will just be UMEME trying to ruin our night.

After dinner, we’ll take a walk to that supermarket a few blocks from the restaurant. The moonlight will illuminate the streets as we walk, the gentle breeze from the cold Kampala nights will be blowing and I will not give you my jacket because I forgot it at the restaurant. We’ll both pretend it’s not too cold but in your mind, you’ll be wishing the dress had been a little longer.

When we return, I’ll pick my jacket, we’ll hop into the car, warm up that AC and I’ll take you home.


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