02 Women May: I’d rather cry in a Mercedes than smile on a bicycle

“I’d rather cry in a Mercedes than smile on a bicycle,” a phrase am sure you have repeatedly heard. You might have even used it. Ideally what this means is; you would rather be rich and unhappy than poor and happy. Really!?

In the real world, this idiotically applies. Wealth, the sense of security and comfort that come with it are more desirable than happiness if you had to choose. Happiness is so underrated that it’s often not even up for consideration when you are choosing a person for a ‘serious’ relationship.

Money can solve ‘only’ your financial problems. That’s as far as money can ever go. Like they say, ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ and we are all just trying to live a happy fulfilling life. In a relationship you can only begin to understand how critically significant happiness is, when your new relationship isn’t happy. Not ‘as happy,’ but ‘happy.’ Like completely joyless. Until you experience a higher form of genuine happiness in a relationship, it will always be secondary when you compare it to money.

But this is where you get it wrong.

I met girls that had to make tough decisions whether to stick around till the money came because we could have been happy, or move on to the next rich dude. These are girls I never even dated. Whenever I realized she desired the wealth more than she needed happiness, the choice was already made. The serious ones obviously moved on to the next rich dude. The unserious ones… well, they all moved on.

Logically, it can be defended when someone chooses wealth over happiness. It’s in our human DNA to thrive for the greatest things in life. You ought to chase the best of everything. I know I do. My only concern here is when you chase the best of every ‘material thing’ and you let that race get into something as life changing as a relationship. When you become a slave to the wealth and it becomes the core reason why you are with whomever you are dating, that’s when you begin to get it ‘regrettably’ wrong. The deep, daunting regret here is inescapable. It’s like death, you cannot cheat it.

I must admit, it’s a tough call. For idiots! If you honestly think you’d be better off with money and an eternity of unmeasurable sorrowfulness, you are f**king imbecile.

Do you have an idea what it means to be constantly haunted by thoughts of how happy you could have been?

Do you have an idea what it means to have a life where you have everything you want, but in the midst of a coastal ocean view, cruising roof down in an expensive luxury coupe, with the wrong wealthy person besides you, your mind is inevitably reminded of that one thing you’ll never sincerely feel – happiness?

(F**K you Paulo, am in Dubai in a Rolls Royce, who cares whether am sad or not? I can read a few minds thinking this)

Happiness is a choice. Your choice. You can work hard and make all the wealth you desire. But you can never work hard enough to be happy. You can never work hard enough to be happy if you are not with the one that truly makes you happy. But you can work hard enough for the Rolls Royce that truly makes you happy.

The sort of happiness am talking about is the divine happiness we get from being around someone that truly appreciates you for who you are, what you mean to them and never gets tired of letting you know how special you are. Of all the billions of people in the world, you are the most exceptional, the most important one to them.

If laziness and the pursuit of an easy life is why you are with someone wealthy but are unhappy, you deserve that. I know a lot of wealthy couples, but I cannot name 3 happy couples. Be it married or just dating. I literally cannot name 3 happy couples. How many can you name?


3 thoughts on “02 Women May: I’d rather cry in a Mercedes than smile on a bicycle

  1. # Bonnie and Clyde..: Okay.. I love where you are going with this. I do pray you find yourself.

    # Beauty and the Beast.: I agree, Any notion that underrates happiness is neck deep crazy, I mean literally.. because the heart is not involved.. its just taken for a ride along.

    # Natsu and Lucy (Anime characters): Just like everything. All things have extremes. So I feel you need to address the how poor are you willing to go for this happiness. and dive into that richness and happiness

    # Paulo and the Future Mrs. B + the 2 babies: I am sure you have a picture for what you envision..it wasn’t here, which I understand. Its never really something you can describe.. more something you store in a collage of things and stories.

    # Jesus and His People: happiness isn’t the smooth sailing it has been programmed to seem like making it seems impossible. I believe its in the way happy navigate the less happy times actually. I’ve listened to someone I loved and lost talk about how these magical things I believe in like love and marriage are unrealistic. I can see how he arrived there. and more clearly why I refuse to get there.

    # All the couples who are happy including the ones I know: I can not tell for certain who is painting a picture and who isn’t. I can tell happiness looks like roses to one and more diamondy to another. My happiness has always sounded like a rainforest. My question is. What is your summary of happiness.

    Also, I believe most happy couples are too busy being happy together to care what it looks like to spectators. they might not seem happy, but happiness is relative

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    • I simply love how deep your insights go. There is always plenty to learn from reading them. And as always, you are right. I think i could have explored both angles much deeper to give the full length of both situations. Extreme poverty isn’t where you want to find love and ‘happiness.’

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