01 Women May: Where do I begin?

Right! A starting point for me when it comes to women isn’t easy to find. My life and the women in it or that have been in it is like a bullseye on a wounded cheetah and you tasked to hit it. Sometimes I sit and think about the greatest ones and the most regrettable ones and it’s in sheer amazement at how some of the events played out.

It’s all been fun, sometimes it’s been frustratingly disastrous but at least nobody died. Although, I met one that threatened to kill herself or any other ‘bitch’ that comes after her. Hmm… I haven’t heard from her in a while. Don’t know how that worked out for her!

Cupid has been hilariously creative with the girls he let me have. Some were frankly out of my league – I like to think so and others were… well, you know?

I can testify and unarguably defend most of my choices. I have met some decent women and the stories of how I lost them might come up this month. In my latest incident my indecisiveness cost me a great wife and an even greater would-be mother to my not more than two babies – dear future mother of my kids, this one is for you. 2. Just 2.

What matters the most for me now is a great mother for my kids. My mother was great with us, sometimes I think about how she held down a financial career and raised three incredible kids and I see a superhero with no costume.

I am lost right now. My situation with women is a place that frankly has me completely mazed. By the end of #WomenMay, I hope to have found myself. With the baby three years away, the time is now. We have a lot to do mamacita.


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