00 Women May: What’s that about?

The whole of the month of May I will be writing about women. I will be telling you real stories, from experience and observation and letting you in on a little personal stuff about me and some of the girls and women I’ve met in my life.

Growing up in between two sisters and mostly raised by my mother, I find that I naturally understand and relate easily with women. I owe some of my most precious memories to the incredible girls I’ve met. Also one of the most significant girls in my life was born this month – so this is to celebrate her too.

There was a point of my life where I was a complete jerk ass. But even with that, I’d never grossly disrespected a woman, and where I felt I did, I made an effort to apologize and rectify that.

Women have been very instrumental to the man am growing into. Through the bad and good, the losses, the sacrifices, the women that for some religious or moral reasons could not be with me… it has all been an interesting and sometimes unfortunate roller-coaster and I will be letting you in on all the truths and details.

I am ‘looking for myself’ for the 100th time maybe, but this time by sharing with you my audience, from the comments and emails, hopefully I can finally find myself this time.

It will be great.

First post coming up in a few hours…


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