3rd Letter to the Future Mother of My Child

Ps: This was written last night


Dear future mother of my child,
Where I am, it’s a little over midnight
I still don’t know where you are,
But I hope you are doing alright.

Now something has been bothering me,
I couldn’t sleep the other night and tonight is the same.
Well, honey, I have this scrapbook somewhere online,
It’s my reality where I create and put all the baby things,
It’s a fancy little heaven for when the baby comes.

The other day I added a baby monitor
And cameras outside the baby’s door
One would wonder, asking what for?
At which I’d be slightly shocked. Do they even know?

See, we will be raising our little bundle of joy in a world
That’s so full of hatred and evil,
Gone are the days of peaceableness, we live in a world
Where one cannot trust people.

The thought of my little guy/babe always being at the mercy
Of the one that’s taking care of it,
As fragile and as helpless as it will be, frankly, gives me quite a scare.
As a father, I will do my absolute best to keep my babies (you and the baby) safe,
But, I won’t always be there.
Which is alright because I have you,
But, you also won’t always be there.

The idea of hiring a baby-sitter or a maid to partially raise
Our child is an idea I severely cannot endure.
My worry is, you as a career – working woman,
Won’t give up your job for the baby – that am sure.
And I would never ask you to unless you were absolutely sure.
If I quit my job to raise the baby, his/ her chances for a life
Better than we had would be fewer.

What to do now?

As I sit here sleepless tonight,
I have finally realized what we must do.
We must be self-employed by the time the baby is due.
If we sacrifice these next 3 years to the baby,
We can have a life where we won’t miss a tear, won’t not hear a scream, won’t not Instagram that first tooth or panic when the baby inevitably swallows something they were not supposed to eat.

So wherever you are and especially if you are reading this today,
I left a shovel and a Bible by your door (symbolically) – for these remaining 3 years, we work hard and we pray hard. #ForTheBaby

Your loving future husband


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