Guest Blog: What is a ‘Mousetrap’?

A mousetrap is a device or an enclosure that can be used for catching and usually killing mice.

What you may not know, is that it may also be used informally as a verb to refer to the act of inducing someone to do something with a trick. I might as well quit the whole dictionary definition vibe and say that it refers to the act of tricking someone into doing something that they wouldn’t normally want to. The most common mousetrap of our generation is the pregnancy cage. That “oops, I missed my period” song that’s starting to turn into a pop hit.

Lately, you hear so many stories of a girl who allowed some dude to get her pregnant, simply because she hoped that carrying his child would force him to settle with her. I still can’t believe that it’s a thing. I mean, even if it worked, why would you want to be stuck with a dude simply because you drove him into a corner he couldn’t escape? Wouldn’t you rather be with someone who loves you for who you are as opposed to someone who has “no choice” but to be with you?



Many people are desperate to feel relevant in the lives of others. I get it, sometimes self-esteem and self-worth depend so much on the people around us. We tend to forget the “SELF” factor. We tend to forget that it is more important to be complete on the inside, than for the public to view us as being complete. But is it really worth it?

Many times, women of a certain age group decide that the timing is right to make certain life changing decisions, and go ahead to force them on their “man of the moment” forgetting that he was meant to be with them for just that, A Moment! And then they’re surprised when things go south. It’s like medication, if you are meant to take it once a day, but you decide to take it five times a day, you can’t claim to be surprised when complications arise. Respect the prescribed dosage!

There’s also the double-edged sword known once known as the “sugar daddy,” now often called the “blesser.” It is double edged because on one hand, you may have guys or girls using money to lure others into their trap; spending on them to take advantage of them later. On the other hand, you may have people using their sexuality or whatever the money bag is attracted to, in order to gain access to their pockets. You know how this one goes. If you don’t, go to any bar… observe!

Some traps are inevitable. We fall into them, even when we know what we are getting into. That said, we have to be able to recognize the REAL in our lives. We have to make sure we know the things that are worth it, the things for which we are willing to fight, and the things that are worth the risk of being burnt or being caught in a snare.

They say “a trap is only a trap if you don’t know about it. If you know about it, it’s a challenge.”

You should arm yourself with the necessary tools to go through the many known challenges of life. Let’s not just smile when we see the cheese and then act surprised when we get caught in the mousetrap.

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