I Charged My Neighbors to Help Them “Hack” My Wi-Fi

NOTE: Written sometime last week:

I got home quite late last night from a friend’s birthday party. Thus it was a complete surprise when I found my neighbourhood friends in the compound trying to hack Wi-Fi called “no internet

“No internet” is my Wi-Fi. I chose that name merely for amusement purposes. I find it extremely hilarious when it displays “CONNECTED TO NO Internet.” It has fooled several people who ask me whether am sure my bundle is active. When I ask why they say because their Wi-Fi is saying they are connected to no internet. Hihi…

So… I find these folks trying out some fake apps they downloaded from the Google Play Store to get into the Wi-Fi. I ask what they are up to and they bring me up to speed. Little did they know that this was my internet they were having a go at?

I had about 210 MB left on my bundle which I frankly didn’t mind foregoing, but just as I was about to tell them it’s my Wi-Fi and give them the password, I got an idea. A devilishly genius idea.

They were complaining that all the Apps they had downloaded so far didn’t work. Then I told them being an IT guy, I could hack the Wi-Fi for them at a fee. After negotiations we settled for Ugx. 20,000 which would be paid upon connection.

I got one of their phones, fooled around with the settings for some time, doing a lot of nonsense till I’d finally enter my password and BOOM!!! He is online. I do the same for the other and VUALA!!!

They handed me my cash, we bid our goodnights and everyone left.

When I woke up this morning my bundle was done. Clearly, they’d had a field day with my 210 MB. I proceeded to change my Wi-Fi password and now, I have close to half of how much I spend on my monthly data.


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