Guest Blog: FAKE NEWS!

You dirty filthy Liar! Would I be so wrong to call you that? I mean think about it. Be honest, after all, this stays between you and the man in the mirror. (Or WOMAN! The way people throw around the term “feminism” these days, one could easily be attacked for not presenting the extra option)

Where was I? Oh yes! You’re such a Liar!! I mean, aren’t we all? In this world that is so focused on public opinion, almost everyone has something to lie about. There’s a wide range of lies, most of which are unnecessary when placed under more scrutiny. Where do yours fall?

General Information: Many people tend to lie about their weight, height and even their age. Simple information which shouldn’t be so difficult to communicate, but tends to be altered as we try to impress others. How often do you hear girls lying about their weight, or age, giving lower figures? Some guys are probably thinking this only applies to women, forgetting that guys also lie about age, often to appear older, thinking that being older means deserving more respect. And don’t get me started on height or even LENGTH! (You know exactly what I mean)

Which brings me to Sex Life:  Yet another category that has all types of differences between reality and the fiction that we tell the people around us. Some girls pretending to be virgins, some guys pretending to have lost their virginity, some girls saying that they have only slept with a couple of guys, some guys acting like they’ve slept with so many girls, people talking about how good their sex game is, yet they’re all types of boring, others talking about how active their sex life is, yet they’re more dormant than an extinct volcano…

You dirty filthy Liar! I bet you agree with me now, eh!? There are many more stories you tell, so many things that you expect us to believe, all in the name of keeping up appearances. But hey, as long as you aren’t doing it to directly and intentionally inflict pain on someone else, who am I to judge you?

I get that sometimes we just add a little spice to make things work with our loved ones. I mean, I’m not about to call out a husband pretending to like his wife’s cooking. Or his wife for letting him believe that he’s the best lover she’s ever had. Obviously, there are times where the lie makes things better.

Look at you thinking of the possible excuses for your false information. Don’t do it!! I can see some guys cooking up stuff like “ I cheated on her ‘cause I didn’t want to break up with her, I didn’t want to break her heart by leaving her” No No No, my brother, in the words of President Donald Trump “You are FAKE NEWS!

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