Desperation: Greatest Gift Anyone Can Give You

Presently, we live in a world that has lost all kindness, respect, love and tolerance. We are in a fed up world. People are tired, ambitionless and those with ambition lack the resources to chase that ambition.

All this is because as the world’s population grows, the old upright generation fades. The generations where morals and common courtesy have been thrown out the window become the elders we look up to. It has become a world where fairness and faith in others have been reluctantly sent to the dark corner to be by themselves.

Living in a world where your skills, talents and even qualifications cannot get you to where you want, people have resorted to shortcuts. Shortcuts to success, to marriage, and to all the ambition this fed up world couldn’t let them fairly chase.

And where does that leave the rest of you? The ones who still have belief that by being righteous maybe fate will smile at you! It leaves you DESPERATE. Desperate for an equal fighting chance, desperate to prove yourself, desperate to have a better life… desperate to not be where or who you are right in that moment.


Desperation is often looked at as a bad thing. An unwanted feeling that makes you feel worthless. But maybe it isn’t?

To put this in very relatable perspective; people will move schedules, cancel prior plans and drive or commute miles just to have sex. Just sex. You know why? Because when that sensual feeling sets in, it makes you desperate. It gives you a craving that you could but cannot ignore.

The desperation that urge gives you makes you extremely uncomfortable in your current state. And what do you do? You look for ways to stop that desperation. You find someone that can satisfy that craving.

And that’s only temporary desperation. When someone keeps you away from something you genuinely want and have worked hard for, they give you desperation. When you are constantly reminded that you are not good enough for what you think you deserve, you become desperate. You become desperate to prove them wrong, and desperate to get what you deserve.

The problem is, we don’t always let that desperation fuel the determination to get up and get it.


I am at a point of my life, where I am literally desperate for a lot of things I desire. Things I’ve worked tirelessly for, things I deserve but the world and people keep telling me NO or NOT YET.

And that desperation is the reason, I am achieving them faster than I’d ever imagined. Faster than they would believe. When you tell me NO, or shut the door on me, I find another way. I dig a tunnel.

Desperation a state that frustrated me and drove me to near misery has become my biggest asset to becoming who I want to be. A lot of us are desperate, we just don’t know how to make that work for us. Focus on where and why that feeling exists in your life, then focus on finding all ways possible to change that situation. When it comes to your dreams, unless it’s illegal, nothing is off limits.

I call desperation the greatest gift anyone will ever give you because; desperation makes you go through lengths you’d not imagine just to cure that feeling. It makes you think, it’s a blunt wake-up call. Be desperate for your dreams, let every NO become another reason to be desperate and use that gift to fuel your ambition.

Ever been so fade up you are willing to do whatever it takes? That’s desperation.

Always remember, you are already desperate, it couldn’t possibly get any worse.

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One thought on “Desperation: Greatest Gift Anyone Can Give You

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