A Thing of Beauty

… I stood there and watched her. Carefully letting one foot out, allowing her 6-inch heel touch the wet tarmac with angular precision. I guessed to prevent that wobbliness that often follows; – it can be unenviable.

It nearly seemed like she’d rehearsed that exit several times until she got it right. Or perhaps it was perfected over time out of habit. Frankly, I didn’t care. It looked utterly arousing.

When both feet were on the ground, she got out of the car and stood up to fix her dress. She pulled it down a little, slightly brushed her hair to reveal her accurately molded Munyoro face and looked up at the lightly drizzling skies.

That wound up into a looking around where she caught me watching. I didn’t break it off. I didn’t want to risk an embarrassing moment I couldn’t come back from.

She smiled at me and mouthed “Will be right there.” I nodded and gave her a little wave to signal ‘take your time.’

She leaned back into the car to pick her purse and pay the driver. A lean that let her maroon dress shift a little, delicately exposing flesh on her brown back thighs. It was a cold dull morning, the rain had just stopped and the faint sprinkles of drizzle could still be felt. The thought of that icy breeze blowing on her back thighs and the cold shiver it sent throughout her body was more sensual than I’d have wanted.

It made me wishful. I was trying to stay coolheaded.

She closed the door and was on her way towards me.  She wore that beautiful smile she always led with. She knew the naughty effect it had on me. I often retaliated with a firm lusty stare which made her blushingly look away. She looked different today.

And that dress! She had chosen it with a purpose. The way it held her body made me anticipate when it comes off later that night…


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