I am Getting Married This Year…

After a series of unfortunate incidents these past few weeks, – none fatal; I have finally decided to make some changes. I have decided, I’ll make a physical list of my priorities, goals, and distractions.

Oh! before we go any further, the title of this article “I am getting married this year” is merely a short extract from the intended title, “I am getting married this year are words that won’t be coming out of my mouth anytime soon as I am still working on myself;” which obviously could not fit as a title. Titles are a few words, not sentences. My apologies if you were misled and if that’s the reason you clicked this link.


*disappointed readers exit the article at this point*

Anyway… so I have realized one thing about humans in general. The reason why we fail at a lot of things is because we do not know how to plan. We put everything in one basket without noticing that some of those items will spoil the good ones.

I came up with an effective technique to dealing with this. Make a list. A physical list. Sit down, take a pen and paper and write down: Your Priorities, Your Goals and Your Distractions / Weaknesses.

How will this help me? You might wonder. Take your distractions / weaknesses and put them on that priority list as priority number one. Make your goals and priorities to take priority number 2, 3, 4… in an honest order of what’s really most important and what has a reasonable timeline.

This is rather odd, ain’t it? In a minute: the reason for doing this is to ensure that you acknowledge your distractions. You accept the fact that these weaknesses are as important as your priorities and goals. Even more important if you will. And also to make sure that they are always in your face, they crave and get the attention they deserve.

This will inevitably motivate and push your will towards finding and creating ways of eliminating or managing these distractions / weaknesses. The process of writing them down is therapeutic in itself. It makes you aware of their existence.

Always remember that for as long as those items remain the top item on that list, they will most certainly crash the other items on your list i.e. your goals and priorities.

In simple terms what all that represents is: before we can begin to achieve great things, we need to acknowledge and accept the personal factors that are preventing us from achieving them. Find solutions to those factors and get them out of the way, then run, run towards those goals remembering to take care of the priorities too.

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