Interview: Talking About My New Book ‘Confessions of a Bad Husband’

INTERVIEWER: At 23. What do you possibly know about being a bad husband?

ME: A lot actually.


INTERVIEWER: Have you been married before?

ME: Good Lord, No!


INTERVIEWER: So, what makes you think you have the experience to tell a story about being a bad husband? (Silence) Tell me about the journey to this book.

ME: Well, first, I have been a bad husband. Not practically, but I was on a road that was leading me there. And thinking far ahead from where I was and where I was heading, these confessions would eventually come.


INTERVIEWER: And these confessions, to whom are they dedicated?

ME: My wife, my children, my family and friends. If you are a bad person, a lot of people suffer. This is a dedication to everyone that my train wreck almost took down.


INTERVIEWER: Is that why are you writing this book? It’s an apology!

ME: No. If I ever settle down, have a wife and children, I want to be a good father to my kids and a good husband. This book is a guide to that ‘me’ about the ‘me’ I could have become and the ‘me’ I don’t want to be.


INTERVIEWER: Oh, I see! Was it hard writing this book?

ME: It should have been, but it wasn’t. I wrote it in about 2 nights. Whatever led to this book was tragically sad but I am happy for her, that part made it easy.


INTERVIEWER: It sounds like this is more personal than that road you talked about. The road that led you to this book.

ME: Yes, it is very personal. My friends and I often joke about how good I am at everything, except relationships. Sometimes it frustrates me and this was the peak of that frustration. But hey, better this exception, I could have been a horrible writer with a tremendous relationship. (Laughs) that’s a joke! Or maybe it isn’t?


INTERVIEWER: Interesting analogy. Thinking far ahead from that point now, do you think these confessions still reflect on who you are?

ME: (pauses) I hadn’t thought of that actually.



* walks out of interview *



INTERVIEWER: Wait! Sir. I still have a couple of question.

ME: I’m out of answers.

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