Free Book Download: ‘Confessions of a Bad Husband’ – by Ian Paul Byamugisha

“Confessions of a Bad Husband”

“Based On Highly Exaggerated Real Events for Dramatic Effect”

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It wasn’t always like this. We’d had better times.

It wasn’t always a bed of thorny roses, which by the way, I slept in alone most of the time.

Rebecca was fed up. She was tired of trying and not having me meet her half way. If anything I was on the other side of where half way begins, walking the opposite direction.

I loved her, she knew that. Everybody knew that.

Even the kids knew that. We were great together. Although absolutely different, we made that difference the reason it had to work.

“Women don’t have as much time as we do. As a man, you have almost all the time in the world. As a woman, you could have 24 hours per hour and 60 minutes per minute. And it still would not be enough.”

Ian Paul Byamugisha


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