My Neighbors’ Baby Called Me “Dada” Now I am Suspicious

I have heard of such an incident or incidents before, but i paid them no mind till it happened to me.

It was one awkward cold morning last Saturday; one of my neighbors has this adorably cute son. He is just about getting to speaking age and he is starting to utter a few words.

On Saturday morning, I find him and his mother taking a stroll around the compound. As they passed by my house, I excitedly run out to carry the baby.

I am good with babies. Babies often like me because I go the length to do all the silly and retarded stuff that make them happy. I get to all this and he starts smiling and clapping and when I got close enough, he stretched his hands out for me to carry him.

I took him from his mother’s arms and started playing with him. Making sounds with my mouth and pecking him multiple times. It was at this point that the unexpected happened.

In the middle of the goofing around, he goes “Dada.” Instinctively I looked around because I thought he’d seen his father. He was nowhere to be seen.

I look at his mum with a happily confused face and she is in the same state. I decide to brave the coincidence and I asked him “What did you say,” I keep provoking him to speak and he goes again, “dada.”

“Is this the first time…” I asked his mother. She simply nodded with seconds to explode into laughter at how confused I was. At this point, he continued to call me dada repeatedly with that innocent baby excitement as I talked to his mother.

It was all fun and games, till the security guard bumped into us and he questioned why the baby was calling me dada. He even joked about the baby having my eyes.

Not wanting to cause more suspicion, I handed her the baby and took my confused self-back to my house. I haven’t slept with her, I don’t even know her name, I am friends with her baby; that’s it. But I am beginning to think I “sleep-walked” into her bed and the baby might actually be mine. I mean, he has my eyes, right?

Do I need to see a doctor or priest about my sleep walking!? Wait! Do i even sleep walk? What the hell is going on?



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