How Special Are the Men That Marry Hot Women

A woman that is considered hot can be very intimidating. Besides the fact that they mostly look tough, proud or mean, something that is not in your Lane has the natural vibe to cause a surmount level of discomfort.

Research says (although am not sure which research and from where)… anyway, research says most hot women are single because in our minds “she’s too fine to be single” thus they are almost always not approached.


So what makes these macho brave men that approach them and eventually put a ring on it special?

Confidence: hot as she may be, a confident guy puts her on tension because she doesn’t get this often. In her hot mind, she is intrigued by his confidence and she is curious to know why he thinks he stands a chance.

Charm: Hmm… Charm is a very funny thing. Charm is like good looks, you either have it or you don’t. It can be acquired but it takes an extraordinary level of practice to make it come off naturally. However, if you’ve got it my friend, hot women die for those cleverly dished out compliments – use it!

Best or Nothing: men that end up with hot women are often successful men that drive German cars and buy drinks by the bottle. You know why? Because they don’t settle for less in life. They set their goals on the highest prize and that’s what they take home.

Sex Game (MVP) – Now, let’s be real for a minute here. Sex is as important in a relationship as love, money and time. Hot women have probably done their rounds on good for nothing men when it comes to the bedroom. Now when she accidentally lands this one guy that knows his way around her body, confidence, charm, best or nothing… may not even matter. Finding good or even great sex is like finding good or even great sex – in other words, nothing can ever compare.


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