Something Worse Than Friend-Zone

Friend-zone is that dreaded district in relationship ‘hunger games’ where most males and now even females have been unwillingly sent. She likes you, as a brother, cousin, father etc… and you like her as a step-mother or auntie – whatever!


But do you know what’s worse than Friend-Zone?

You meet someone, get to know each other and eventually a spark and undeniable bond are born. You are good together, have amazing conversation, survive through all the drama and emotional rollercoasters, have great sex but can’t go beyond that.

That’s it. That’s all you’ll ever be to each other – two people that are perfect together, with an undeniably great connection, have mind-blowing sex, although from different worlds the things that matter are in sync but you cannot take the next logical step.


It gets worse when you constantly fantasize about what you could be. And how good you’d be together. However, when that dreaded conversation of where this should go next comes up, none of you can give clear reasons as to why it should or shouldn’t go to the next logical step. Yes, this happens.

I believe this is definitely worse than friend-zone. And when that person goes on to be with someone else, in the wise words of Drake “it can only mean one thing,” – even with your perfections together, you just wasn’t good enough.

I bet this makes friend-zone a better district since it has its terms and conditions boldly spelled out. Here, you are dealing with absolute uncertainty and the journey to discover why you just wasn’t good enough takes you to some pretty dark places.



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