I know what you are thinking,
There are probably too many empty bottles of whatever I’ve been drinking.
Am trying to ease the pain,
I got miles of what to say I should let my words catch a plane.
Without a grip, I’ve been holding it in,
Ever since you told me to stick a pin.

Now am a scale, it’s weighing on me,
This January heat got my hot nights way lonely.
You got me feeling like a servant in my king size bed.
I am a train wreck, you don’t want to get close,
Arrows shooting through me with no enemies in sight with bows,
I left my heart open, and you’ve been firing behind closed doors.
Or wait! Is this what a heartache feels like?


I hate wearing that watch you bought me last year,
It always seems like it’s counting me out of the picture,
Reminding me of the good time when I was with ya.
Now it’s just a useless piece of Gold,
Am stress eating with no appetite so the pizza is Cold.

I didn’t even realise how big this couch is,
Till I had to sit in it by myself watching this commercial about cow cheese.
Now am thinking I should sell it and get something smaller,
See where you got me? I am feeling bipolar
I am derailed on my train of thought,
Or wait! What’s the destination of these train tickets I bought?


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