The Art of Making Love

Love. Four letters that can turn your little perfect world upside down. At the same time, they can turn your imperfect world into unimaginable paradise.

Even on your expensive Egyptian cotton sheets, the art cannot be perfectly formed if the mind and body are wrong for the act.

Sex starts in the mind. How wild or tamed your imagination runs determines how you perform on your canvas; bed, couch, car seat, floor etc…

“I want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed,” don’t we all?

That freak sometimes outweighs what your mind can conceive and when she’s ready for you to lay it down, you are a gentleman with a tigress. She will tell them about your failure to excite her. And now even your big body Benz won’t mask how little they think of you.

Oh yes! We are measured by how well we make love.

When the sun comes down, your inner beast should come out but, he should wait by the couch in the corner of the room. If she’s a lady in the street, when she gets out of her clothes and into your sheets; the gentleman might have to sit this one out.

Now, look out for the signs. There always are the signs. Listen to her breath, listen to her heartbeat, pay extra attention to how deep or light her nails dig into your skin, listen to what she’s saying. You cannot, you should not miss the signs.

Body language. You need to be fluent, or at least pretend to be. A lady in the street can be a lady in your sheets too. You don’t want a beast with a lady – that’s vicious. We are making love here, we get it right.

When the two modes are compatible, you let whichever modes are sitting it out watch how things happen on the other side.

And now, with their popcorn or disguised faces ready depending on who’s performing tonight; we make art.

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