I Preach Hope As We Start a New Year

In our different triumphs and losses, we can all uniquely testify to how our 2016 has been. What was your highest low could have been someone’s highest height, and the opposite is true.

However; a valuable mindset I have acquired from growing older, being self-reliant and making important decisions that affect not only me, but the people in my life as well is:

even with the unbelievably big mistakes, the grievous losses and the very terrible choices, when I look back at it, it all kind of eventually just worked out.

The mistakes gave me experience, the losses taught me lessons and the terrible choices worked in someone else’s favor. Even you, when you take a step back and look at your year, no effort, no disappointment and no regrettable moment was a total waste. Where you lost, someone gained, where someone lost you gained and that’s just the circle of life and there isn’t much we can do about it.


It is possible that the bad from 2016 could outweigh the good. But we’d be judging the year on the wrong scale. The moments we’ve shared, the friends we’ve made – even the ones we’ve lost, the laughter we shared in public and the silent tears we shed in private, without it all we wouldn’t be looking forward to a new and hoping for a better beginning in 2017.

Every set back is a setup for a great come backnot really!

Every setback is a call for a retreat and back to the drawing board. Every setback is a chance to be wiser, a foundation for a new beginning and a chance to try again with the experience earned; to creatively take another swing at that great come back.

What I am trying to say is; we are all blessed differently. Even when your hustle is not going as fast or as smooth as everyone around you, you are still doing better than you were yesterday. Better in experience, lessons, achievements, motivation, creativity and courage.

Your greatest competition isn’t the people in the same field, same industry, your friends or even role models; your greatest competition today is the ‘you’ of yesterday.

The biggest acceleration to your goals is HOPE.


And as we get into a new year, carefully take every risk, have every adventure, enjoy every moment, learn from each set back, do not be afraid to chase your wild dreams – do not be afraid to dream, be creative and by God’s grace, the ‘you’ of yesterday will envy the ‘you’ of today, and the ‘you’ of tomorrow, oh boy! That one will have big shoes to fill.

In the wise words of rapper ‘Jeezy’ formerly known as Young Jeezy; “Let’s get this money.”

Godspeed to you all.

God Bless You and Happy New Year.

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