My Best Driving Experience; 2010 Mercedes Benz C200

Forget Top Gear and The Grand Tour for a second; I had first-hand experience of what it feels like to drive a top of the range luxurious sports car last night.

My boss owns a 2010 Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor Sports Edition. I am in Nairobi for a few days and on a night out, he let me take it for a ride. That 10 minute ride is ‘the’ best driving experience of my life and here is why;

There is something about a car that responds instantly to your every command. When you accelerate it gives you all of the power, when you brake, it obliges like a loyal K9. I am a fanatic for technology and automobiles, and besides the feel of driving a super luxurious car, the tech, features and other gizmos are absolutely mind blowing.

First things first; Mercedes is reasonably my dream car. I thirst for a Porsche but I’d be more than forever grateful to that pay cheque that gets me a Mercedes Benz.

The feeling of driving an engineering marvel that is the symbol of the very best of car technology and design is a mind-bending experience.

From the design and build of the body, the way every edge is thoughtfully curved and sharpened to give it that fabled practical aerodynamic look, the C200 Kompressor is truly a beauty.


The body work and paint look expensive: they are expensive, and before you even get into the car, your mind at its most accurate imagination gives an understated imagination of what the interior feels like.

Inside the car, the warm seats from the seat heating technology caress your butt as you sink your back into the warmth of the rich thick leather. The interior looks sophisticated enough but not too complicated.

The heavy doors and body are designed to create a vacuum that shuts out the rest of the world and all of the noise. You are completely in a fortress of silence and in the midst of a brilliantly crafted leather, wood, rubber and countable plastic interior.

I know the basics of driving a Merc – there is a Merc at home. So I got the car moving and what are machine!!! Behold, one of Mercedes’ greatest grand-children and the feeling was absolutely breathtaking. I was both excited and nervous, I have never driven on Nairobi roads and I have certainly never driven a world class sports car.

As the nerves wore off and I got more familiar with the experience, I was at ease and my boss even told me it was alright to speed. Yes sir; I stepped on it and it flew! I was astounded at how it immediately responded giving me all the power as I paced ‘bullet’ fast all the other cars on the Waiyaki high way.

The drive and comfort is unbelievably soothing. The shock absorbers soak up every bump creating a tremendously comfortable ride. You would not spill your English cup of tea if you were having a tea party while on the road.

The steering wheel responsively controls the heavy machine in a way I have never experienced before – and I have driven a lot of cars. I have never cared for a steering wheel and how well it should give you immediate reaction from the car.

But with this Mercedes, you can’t help it.

The steering wheel feels like it knows what you are thinking and as soon as you start to turn, in perfect unexplained unison with your mind it promptly commands the tires to respond. Basically, it responds immediately.

I however, have constantly said that the Honda CRV is the smoothest steering wheel I’ve handled and that still stands. The Mercedes is by far greater at steering, but it’s a Mercedes, you cannot expect less.

As I got more comfortable behind the wheel and foot hard on the floor, my boss took me through the various features of his car. Paddle shift gears: that’s right. Those F1 gears that somehow made their way to supercars, it has got those. This means you can drive the car both as an automatic or manual transmission.

The features are too many to mention or even remember, but some stood out. The parking sensors are remarkably accurate and very helpful. The music! Oh yes the music system was phenomenal.

Even at the loudest, the speakers still provided crisp clear sound with the factory inbuilt sub-woofer utterly complimenting it with home theater level good bass.

This is not really a car review although I would have loved to scribble on and on about how good this Mercedes was. I’ll stick to the driving experience and it was truly amazing. Anyone that cares about cars and driving, and not just driving but a genuinely memorable everyday love story between you and a machine, a Mercedes Benz that you can afford at your level is without doubt the most honorable choice.

I know Mercedes Benz is that hot chic of cars that everyone wants, but when you drive one especially at that level of new Mercedes technology and clever features;

you realize that Mercedes Benz is actually that hot chic with beauty, brains, and an incredible sense of humor, a jaw-dropping body and most certainly your next chic.

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