I Learnt 2 Things Today

PS: forgive the title, this was supposed to be out a couple of days ago.

Walking to a client’s office, I bumped into an old friend – not much of a friend per se but someone I know from a while back.

She was either genuinely happy to see me or she’s an Oscar for “Best Performance in Reality” waiting to happen. Because with an OMG expression upon seeing me, she quickened her pace and gave me those hugs that annoy other pedestrians because you are hugging from the sidewalk and blocking their way.

She still looks as good as ever, even better – maybe! She has lightened a bit though, I am certainly not sure if it’s natural or she gave her skin tone an incentive to lighten. That however, is none of my business. I was only hoping none of those incentives rub off on my clean white shirt, least my lady would start asking questions where ‘honey, it’s not what it looks like’ doesn’t matter: Even if it’s the truth.

I hadn’t seen her in a while and we got to catching up a little before I had to run. When she asks what am up to, I tell her a bunch of stuff but she halts me right there when I tell her am in a relationship. “You! In a relationship?” she exclaims. “Yes, I am. Gorgeous pretty girl,” I respond letting my supersized ego take the lead. And she goes; “How??? You are not the type to be in a serious relationship.”

It is at that point that I realized two things;

  1. I am a type – this, I am honestly as surprised as you who’s reading this.
  2. There is indeed such a thing as an unserious relationship – hold on! Is this even true?

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