Failing To Fit In? Standout

I have never been the type to struggle to fit in. If I cannot fit in, I stand out and by standing out, I fit in. Confusing right?

When you fail to fit in, it means that you cannot conform to how things are done or to how the new people around you behave. Most times it’s not deliberate refusal to conform, it is just that the whole new set of rules and order of things clashes with yours thus affecting your efficiency.

Struggling to adjust to new ways of doing things can be an absolute nightmare. Now please understand that what am saying only works if you approach standing out from a logical point. Don’t fail to try to fit in, however if trying to adjust is affecting your efficiency, ditch it and stand out.


Normally, it is in our basic human instincts to do whatever it takes to fit in. However in the event that you try and fail, you have two alternatives: be an outcast, or standout and make them want to associate with you and by this, you become part of the club now and you fit in.

Again understand that this only works when standing out does not affect what they expect of you in terms of performance. We are drawn to the gurus despite how bad they might make the rest of us look. So while at it, don’t be an ass about standing out.

Simply do you, be you and let the rest fall inline. Also understand that standing out does not in any way mean, doing things alone or being a smug jackass. You must associate with the new people and new rules even as you standout. In simple terms, maintain your standard of efficiency and the norms that create it.


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