Well, About My M3

As a writer that has a normal 9-5 job, balancing the opportunities that come with the both can be quite hectic and nearly impossible.

Recently I missed the biggest interview of my writing career with a global media giant simply because I couldn’t get out of work to take a flight out. It was all expenses paid by the way.

*runs away to cry again*

Now, I have been thinking; it’s about time I refocused my energy and got something big going for my writing. Biggest motivation being my BMW.


People that know me on a personal level, know that a simple BMW M3 E46 (2004) is all I want, all i crave for – For now! I don’t frankly care if its second hand – Okay I care, am just showing you how much I really want it.

I have browsed through a bunch of dealerships and car trading websites and even deposited on a couple of them. Now, having deposited intentions to own one, it’s about time I got a writing job that will enable me to deposit money on that BMW.


But here is the thing, BMW is not even my dream car. Affordable dream or actual dream car – hello M6 and X3 M. BMW has never been a car of interest well until recently. I find myself intensely drawn to them lately and particularly to the beasts from the M division.

Plus let’s face it, BMW is a great conversation starter. “I drive an M3,” who wouldn’t want to be friends with this dude: I know she would (am talking about your gi… – let’s leave it there.)


My actual dream car however, would be a Porsche Cayman GT or Porsche Panamera if am being fancy and any AMG Mercedes-Benz if am being reasonable and actually considering Uganda’s poor roads.

All am trying to say is, I need to get serious with this writing stuff. My 9-5 is not getting me that M3 with the Kenwood sound system. That’s why lately, I write as much as I can because on top of gaining a wider audience now (thank you for reading by the way), I am trying to deposit on that M3.

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