‘Rant’ Lyrics – Sometimes I Write Music

A year ago I’d have never guessed I’d be here right now /
Still at the very bottom, but I’ve made a Milli somehow /
A milli in Uganda, ain’t nothing much really /
Am still aiming at the people that earn and spend a billi /
But ama make it there,
I know we getting there, /
My lady got her own job so we eating good
More money no problems, we living good //
Just tryna move into a better neighborhood.
It’s about time a n***a started going up /
Like a Tuesday when we got the club going up /
Man am kidding, maybe Friday,
Every Tuesday am up tryna find a new beginning /
Am staying up late, and am writing more
I got a notebook where I let my feelings go /
Tell Clare, I declare, that my lady better /
She can take you on as a friend or a hater /
Whatever you choose, we know she won’t lose /

They won’t let you finish /
They even say the dollars you show off with
Are not the right color of greenish //
It’s fake money
From a fake brother /
It’s what they say to your girl and to every other //
These people tryna bring you down Like you are too high /
Like you on top of the Burj Khalifa way off in Dubai //
The same people used to tell me,
Am living a life that most people tend to like /
But it has never been what I make it seem like //
These short tight dresses, high heels
Lipstick on wine glasses have a price /
Many do not care, as long as they getting it
This lifestyle is quite nice //
A different woman in my bed,
I’d become a stranger to my bed /
I told my feelings to stay out of this
I do not want these women messing with my head //
But my mind is a noisy place
My feelings don’t always listen //
They are too busy flirting with Olivia on text /
While thinking of what to tell Victoria next //
Different women on my thumbs
As I manage different conversations /
I’d become so good at it
I’d never mix up any conversations //
Well, unless am mixing a cocktail for
The one that’s laying in my bed.
She’s downstairs at my house but all up in my head //

*The End*

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