Things You Don’t Do With My Sort of Friends

My friends are the type to make fun of literally anything in your life. Whether it’s sad, unfortunate, embarrassing, interesting, or even normal. These heartless hyenas will find a loophole in your glory or sadness to make fun of it.

The things you don’t do with my sort of friends include;


Taking a Bad Photo;

Whether it was taken the day you were born, these fellows will somehow dig it up and use it against you. In fact, it is wise to surrender the photo and let the joke start with you otherwise if they get it first, you’ll be a guest at your own funeral.

Dating Someone Weird;

While you are still together, they will be 100% supportive throwing shade once in a while. However the moment it’s all over, they’ll poke fun at what your babies could have looked like, how you handled her big ass tiny as you are, advise you to stop letting your d**k make decisions etc…

Misfiring a Joke;

Jokes are the axis on which most guy friendships rotate. When you misfire a joke with my friends, you are safer jumping off a bridge into the turbines at a dam.


Getting Caught in the Wrong Situation;

This one is mild depending on who sees you or what evidence is available. If there is photographic evidence, you are f**ked, if there is a witness, you are f**ked. However even if none of us was there, as long as the story gets heard, we shall have a version of our own that will make you wish we knew the original story.

Taking a meme-able photo;

The photos you take and choose to share online shall and must be held against you. If the photos suggest something that isn’t what it seems, these mean wolves will get onto their meme apps and make you a trending topic.


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