Thinking Of Checking His / Her Phone? Remember This.

I spent half my weekend comforting a friend that stumbled on her boyfriend’s unlocked phone and decided to sweep through it. She discovered that he has another boo on the side, whom he has been seeing for the last 6 Months.

Now she’s thinking of leaving him after a happy relationship of about 3 and a half years. (Don’t worry, she’s okay with me writing about it)

It is at this point that we need to collectively agree that the moment you get the courage to sweep through your boo’s phone, mentally you should be ready to discover some shit you didn’t know or some shit you definitely don’t want to know.


Checking your boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone has never yielded anything good. They might not be necessarily cheating but in a relationship insecurities are bred from the littlest things. You don’t want your mind to find something that it will consistently haunt you about.

For her situation, they have been dating happily and not once did she ever suspect that he was seeing someone else. He was a great boyfriend, showered her with gifts, showed her off and she was the happiest she has ever been in her life.

She was telling me how she deeply regrets checking his phone and if she could turn back the hands of time, she’d go back to before she checked it. Consequentially, she’s blaming herself for ruining her obviously perfect relationship.

Now she’s dealing with self-hate because this side chic is what we (guys) in polite terms call “a freaking hot goddess.” She feels like she’s not pretty or hot or even good enough for him. Insecurities that were unthought-of the micro-seconds leading to her checking his unlocked phone.


Is it ever worth it to check your boo’s phone and ruin whatever you have going on for yourself?

Why must we often let our curiosity lead us into regrettable actions? Sometimes it is just wiser to live in the dark. Some truths are hidden simply because we cannot handle the truth.

I know that famous quote; “YOU’D RATHER HURT ME WITH THE TRUTH THAN COMFORT ME WITH A LIE,” oh well, are you sure? Think of how great your parents have been, the life they have given you and the sacrifices they have made, do you honestly think it’d make you a much better person to find out that your eldest sister is actually your mother?

All am saying is, when you decide to check your boo’s phone be sure what you have isn’t that important to you. This however doesn’t mean your boyfriend or girlfriend is always up to something, no! It is just a precaution.

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