‘I Want A Man Who Is Not After Sex.’ No! You Don’t.

Caution: Reader Discretion is Advised. Explicit Content illustrations Included.

Single women when asked why they are still single, they often give reasons around how every man they meet just wants sex. Consequentially, they are single till they find a man that is not after sex.

(Walks to a dark corner to let out a hysterical laughter)

Before anything else – that is exactly how you die a childless spinster. Looking for a guide on HOW TO DIE A CHILDLESS SPINSTER? You are in luck, begin by wanting a man who is not after sex. You are old enough to want a man, but you are suddenly too young to want him to want sex!? Double standards, ain’t it?

First things first, sex is essentially a basic need. True; couples can abstain and go without it for years waiting for the ring and the ‘I do,’ but even with that it remains a plain basic need.


Men understand that sex is not just a deed for most women. They want emotions, value and assurance attached to it. When I am with a new girl and she tells me she wants to wait, I’ll let her have all the time she needs. A lot of men do this. However do not take this as a ‘he is not after sex.’ He definitely is, he is just waiting for the both of you to be on the same page.

We are not monsters. Plus we all (both men and women) have people in our lives that just want sex. Good old fashioned HOT steamy sex with a bit of 2016 positions and that’s it.


But when we (men) choose to settle down and focus on building a more meaningful relationship, it doesn’t mean that that raw passion for sex has also taken a backseat and even strapped its seatbelt. F**K no!

We (men) are simply acknowledging the fact that this is a long term commitment and when she gets to that point, lots of sex will begin to happen.

Now, to want a man that is not after sex is biologically impossible. Well, unless you are properly ugly or truly lesbian; – by which some men will still want to get lucky with you. There is just no escape.


A man who is not after sex is not a man you want, trust me. Unless things like orgasms, moaning and mind-blowing sex are not something you fancy; – you liar! A man that is not after sex is not even attracted to you. That beautiful body that gives you your confidence is just another regular undesired body thus you are not attractive.

Do not even begin to lie that you do not want men to be attracted to you. And if you want the attraction best believe that attraction is 100% sexual attraction.


So ladies, if you wake up one day and you feel you want a man who is not after sex, go back to bed. That is only literally possible in your generous dreams. In reality, every man is after sex. We just approach the need differently. We pursue the need for sex differently and that’s the only difference.

What you need is a man that wants to build a solid relationship first. A man that is willing to let the sexual connection grow and eventually, get to the sexing when you feel it is the time.


I know this is said in defensive mode to chase those intending to hit and run. But a hit and run is always definitely your fault. If you feel you want the cookie protected, do not open your castle doors to invite strangers in for coffee. If there is no bread, the cookie will have to go with the coffee.

5 thoughts on “‘I Want A Man Who Is Not After Sex.’ No! You Don’t.

  1. Well, okay. Noted.. I must say though. It might be a sweeping statement that seems baseless. but its not a mood thing or a trend for most women/ladies. It can be birthed from a real place. Its when you can spot from a mile away that he came to your dealership to take your car for a ‘test’ drive but he is not interested in purchasing it or might do that but will not service it well or in time. I’ll speak for myself when I say I’m about that waiting game now because I would hate to wake up 10 years in an empty bed simply because he realises this body isn’t all the promises it made to him. So if patience isn’t a virtue for him, I guess I dont need children either. Also sex is a skill that improves with time and communication. But thank you and noted.


    • I definitely couldn’t agree more. And from your point of view, i totally get what you are all about. My issue is with women that act like he should never want sex until she feels she wants to give up the cookie. It is only natural to want sex. Plus, the waiting game is something we don’t honestly mind, some guys like to earn the cookie.


  2. Ruky-chan of what use is it for a man to wait for ‘wedding’ night then he realises he just hit the worst pole? Or let me rephrase, what if he can’t perform like the machine gun preacher whose bullets you’ve always wished could hit your p**hy. Women’s insecurity when it comes to I want a man not after sex is driven by the doctrines their societal maladies invest in their miniature-ly modelled minds.

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    • It is not scary at all. The thing is, if it’s against your will and wish, you definitely don’t have to do it. The problem however, is someone thinking that they can actually find a man that will not want sex at any one point until she feels she wants to let him have it. That belief that you could actually find a man that will not be sexually attracted to you and even lust for you; that’s the belief i was out to straighten. Men will want sex, it just depends on what terms he is willing to endure as he waits to get it.


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