Wait! One More Thing – Relationship Priorities Change

When I was a little boy, I was fascinated by the idea of one day growing up and getting married.

The more I grew up, got to know girls and even dated a couple of them, I wasn’t as fascinated anymore. Between the drama and my relationship mistakes, I wasn’t sure I was the type that walks that road. I did not even get warning signs for the confusion I was about to be thrown into.

Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign

Then I dated someone that made me want to marry again. That ship sunk and I ditched the idea, this time almost completely.

Then I dated another one that did not want the thought of it and we were perfect. Along the way, her friends (f**k you by the way) talked the idea into her head and she started obsessing about it and well, that ship sunk too.

Then I dated another one (I hope no one is counting)… anyway, this other one wanted the marriage but did not obsess over it. Inevitably this put me in my comfort zone, but with time she wanted to talk about it and I wasn’t willing and we punched a hole in the ship and well…!

A few many others later…


I met this one, fascinated by the idea, didn’t obsess about it but the kind of girl she is, she made me obsess about it. I mean I have the kid’s names and everything.

Now am in a bit of a limbo, where my ‘single dad’ fantasies;


don’t have space in my mind. Do I like this? Heck no! Do I want to do something about it, heck no! Should I do something about it, maybe?

See I’ve always pictured myself with a son, a Porsche Cayman or a Mercedes, a lavish penthouse and no drama from anyone except when my little girl who would come a year later is being cranky.


But now… I don’t know! Choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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