What She Needed Today

*she walks through the front door from work*


Come here * pats on the couch next to me *

Bring that beautiful body here.

Had a long day?

I know just what you need for a long day!

Let me help you out of that.

It’s all right, you can wear your shoes on the mat.

You look too exhausted to stress with the shoes,

Especially with the straps on those Jimmy Choos.

*stands up to leave, takes a dramatic pause*

I left warm water running in the tab,

Why don’t you come and join me?

I could ease the stress on your body

With a massage and a back rub?

*she stands up and joins me*


By the way, I ordered food.

Your favorite. It should lighten up your mood.

You might need to tip the delivery guy though

I sort of, kinda run out of change and if we didn’t it would just be rude!

*she smiles and moves closer to snuggle*

You know what would make this even better?

A little bit of the Old Usher, ‘Nice and Slow’

These bright lights a little low,

The room would be darker, but you’d certainly still glow.

Your glare would be the reason my hands get low.

I can feel your heart beating faster…

*ding-dong. The food guy arrives*


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