Ever Been Slapped With Jesus?

Caution: Do not take this the wrong way.

Has someone ever slapped their Jesus at you? You are literally minding your business and someone out of the blue smacks the hell out of you with their Jesus.


I am talking about people that will find you excited about a new Drake album and preach to you how Jesus hates you for that. The first offense is he just judged you, the second offence is he just impersonated Jesus and he made assumptions on Jesus’ behalf.

And you never see it coming, it’s a true revelation as someone brutally thwacks all the things Jesus didn’t even say at you.

These are the sort of people that make every moment a Jesus moment. I have nothing against them, but I believe our relationships with God are individual and personal. We cultivate it how best it works for us for its personal – Between you and God.

So… I am in a taxi going to work, my neighbor hits me with a “praise God,” and I politely respond. Then she asks me to surrender my life to Christ because if I don’t I am certainly going to hell.

“Now wait! Who made you judge and executioner?” I ask her feeling thoroughly disrespected.  She rumbles on about how the Bible is against my sort of lifestyle. “What lifestyle?” I question her. “Listening to that devilish music,” she responded.

This made me a little furious. 1. My volume was below 50% she certainly didn’t hear what was playing. Could have been Sinachi’s “I know who I am” for her business. 2. She just sounded like she knew me but given that she didn’t, she judged me from my appearance.

Headphones plugged in suddenly symbolize the devil’s bff.

This vicious attack on my faith wasn’t what the Bible commends. She out of the blue assaulted me with what she believed was utmost faith in God. She judged and executed me without even taking time to understand me.

This is the sort of smacking Jesus at people that am completely against. We all are where we are because we have cultivated a special relationship with Jesus. One we understand how we do and we struggle to make it better.

A mortal human passing off judgement like that, isn’t what Jesus would have wanted, is it?


3 thoughts on “Ever Been Slapped With Jesus?

  1. it isn’t what Jesus would what. I have had this experience severally. These self-acclaimed righteous people need to remove the log in their eyes before removing the speck in another person’s eye.

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