The 0.1% Time I Won’t Be On Your Side


You know I love you, with all my heart and I am “Team Us” 99.9% of the time.

That 0.1% is for;

If you ever get into a verbal fight with another female in public when we are together, please please pleaseeee be sure you can *looks around* … be sure you can take that bitch.

As your man and as much as I’ll be there, it’s not guaranteed that am there as backup. I could be there as just a witness. Who knows! Someone that was there when shit was going down.

So if that bitch is unleashing a “tropical rain forest” rainfall of insults on you, don’t even look at me. My eyes will be on that grocery list and occasionally looking through the shelves for tomatoes if we are at a supermarket buying groceries.

However, if that bitch gets violent and tries to push you or looks like she’s thinking about pushing you, I’ll be there 100%. There not to fight, but there to hold your hand as we get the hell out of there.

Your Loving



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