And The Conductor Decided To Just Insult Me

Have you ever been thoroughly insulted? To point where the only equal to the insult is to murder that person. Well…

Yesterday was Eid, a public holiday so I stayed home all day editing a book you’ll get in a few days. Staying home means you get to cook nice food, watch movies and just kick back and chill.

When my food was ready, I decided to step out and get a drink – Mirinda fruity to be exact. I lock up, put on my African craft open shoes and walk to the shops. Bear in mind, I stay near a mosque.

As am approaching the shops opposite the mosque, there is a taxi with a conductor shouting some words in ‘Luganda.’

I get close and he is telling people to board and go to a certain Hajji’s place. I walk by the conductor minding my own business even kicking bottle of rockboom that was in my path.

This conductor then sees me and yells “Bulaza, nawe ogenda Nkokonjjeru kulya kunyama za Hajji?” Translation “Brother are you also going to Nkokonjjeru to eat Hajji’s meat.”

I politely nod ‘no.’ He then proceeds, “Tewekwasa nti sakugambye. Ojila okwambala obugatto nga obya Jesus.” Translation “Do not say I didn’t tell you. That’s why you wear shoes like Jesus’”


I was in so much shock I just stood there and laughed. Part of me wanted to go to Hajji’s for that meat after that cause that level of insult deserved some sort of compensation.

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