Falling In Love: It’s Crazy But it’s Amazing

Donald (South African artist) in a song once said that falling in love is crazy but it’s amazing. Sounded like just lyrics to me but am at a point where they make more sense by the day.

Here is the thing; falling for someone is like skydiving out of a plane. You know it’s a bad idea because of the stories you’ve heard about how it could go horribly wrong. But you also know it’s a good idea when Disney fairytales flashback in your mind.

When you skydive out of a plane, you have no idea which direction the wind will blow you, where you will land or what to expect on that journey down – you could bump into a giant bird – who knows! All you can do is close your eyes and jump hoping for the best.


The scariest part for me about falling for someone is how deep that fall will be.

I’ve had falls that went horribly wrong, I’ve had some that were a smooth ride till the end and others that have been uneventful at all. But once I get over how deep the fall will be, I worry about how deep their fall will be. But once I get over that one too, I worry about how tough it is going to be for anything or anyone that thinks they can stop us.

The crazy thing is, it has an addictively good feeling although you can’t help your subconscious that keeps asking you if you are sure it’s what you want to do. The trickiest part remains letting that subconscious have a blunt and allowing it to sit back and let you run the show.

The thrill is only worth it when you close your eyes and jump.

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