Fastest Growing Female Sport

“Women will be the death of us,” I once said to a buddy. Turns out this has been in play since Eve got Adam to disobey God.

Women have now invented a new kind of sport. A sport that’s internationally played but not legally recognized although it is actually legal. Confusing right!? Well… Our investigations are yet to prove if this is to counter the massive hours men spend glued to their televisions watching football and rugby, but it seems to be in play all the same. Or is it just revenge on the male species for what their exes and friend’s exes have done to them?

The name of this sport is “Zone.” They have turned “Zoning” some of their male friends into a sport and I can bet they even have fantasy zone clubs online somewhere. They probably also bet and gamble about it and even exchange players. They must do transfers as well, as one can rapidly be moved from one zone to another i.e.… from “Friend zone” you could easily be traded to “Step grand-brother zone” if you are not careful.

“In another life, I’d be your girl,” there is ‘another life’ zone, the latest addition to the game. They even meet and brag about who has the most zoned males and they discuss the respective zones. Yeah sure, they claim it’s a defense mechanism from ass****s but that has a point when it’s validity ceases.

This sport unlike football, the players are very unaware of the zone clubs they belong to and it usually comes to them as utter shock once they discover what zones they belong to.


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