Oh Joy!

It’s cute. I think it’s really cute. How you try to be so modest about how beautiful you are. When we text about that beautiful girl you act like you are not her. I see what you are doing; trying to pass it off as an ignorable feature. Oh Joy! Makes me wonder what you see when you look at your own picture?

Today you’ll go again; saying how you think you are absolutely normal. But are you really?

Every morning you stand before your mirror, not for the makeup; you don’t need it. Just to straighten your outfit, but before you leave, I have a question; – Mirror Mirror on the wall, ain’t she the fairest of them all? “Stop it,” you always say. But I was talking to the mirror and seeing you through it – if you remember snow white and the huntsman, the fairest of them all appears through the mirror.

Also, numbers don’t lie and on a scale of 1 – 10, we are measuring you on the wrong scale. It’s even important that we know the idiot that suggested we use this scale.

*throws scale away*

You have a million things about you, a scale of 1 – 10 is us trying to be fair to everyone else. But I am not looking for fair, I am looking for the beauty that hides behind that warm smile pretending she looks as 1 – 10 as everyone else.

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